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Combat B2 Reload Youth Baseball Bat -10 Baden 12" Dimple Seamed Limited Flight Softballs Ez Tee Batting Tee Replacement Topper
The new Combat B2 Reload is going to be one of the hottest youth baseball bats to hit the market this decade. Be sure to get your new Combat B2 Reload youth baseball bat from Frizzell Sports. Baden dimple seamed limited flight featherlite training softball.  This dimpled softball is great for the indoor practices we all have to take part in during the season. The EZ Tee replaceable rubber topper measures about 7" in length and flexes so it will not damage expensive game bats or lighter weight training bats. Is durable and easily replaces your damaged or missing EZ Tee topper.
Diamond Zulu Cor. 47 ASA Slow Pitch Softball 12" Baden 12" Dimple Seamed Pitching Machine Softballs Combat B3YB Youth Baseball Bat
New Diamond Zulu 11 inch White Stitch ASA Cor. 47 slow pitch softball has a leather cover and is competition grade built for maximum durability and consistent performance Baden dimple seamed pitching machine softball.  This ball is the best dimpled seamed pitching machine softball on the market today. Combat’s new B3YB takes over where the industry-leading B1YB left off. With unmatched performance and the legendary Combat feel in a long-barrel single wall construction.
Combat Grifter YB Youth Baseball Bat -12 Rip It Prototype 1.20 Slow Pitch Softball Bat Combat 52 Cal SL Senior League Baseball Bat -10
GEAR INSIDE - special tapered geometry consisting of elongated grooves inside, provide a softer feel, greater performance and a larger sweet spot The Prototype 1.20 slowpitch softball bat is made from our new R1 composite material. The performance and durability of this material allows us to create an unbelievably great slowpitch bat. Meets the baseball BPF 1.15 standard, and is certified by USSSA, including their latest 2012 USSSA BPF 1.15 “Finger Print” mark